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You & Eye – We Are Unique


UNIQUE (yoo - neek). adj: being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual, or special in some way.

I relate to this definition very much, In a world where you can find a girl (or a boy..) walking down the street in the same shirt/skirt/bag like you, it is so important to have a unique attitude and vibe, and a lot of attention to details. This is why when I was invited to the You & Eye Eye-wear boutique last month I was immediately in love with the store and all of their models (seriously, I wanted everything for myself!). And this is no surprise as they are carrying all of the most unique exclusively imported brands you can think of - Italia Independent, the young, modern hip brand from Italy famous for its unique materials and innovative designs, which recently did a collaboration with one of the most famous fashion bloggers - chiara ferragni. Next up you have Anna Karin Karlsson collection which is known to be a work of art with very unique and fashionable frames. The known Parisian fashion designer Thierry Lasry, he's models are vintage in spirit but have a modern and avant-guard twist, and are a celebrity fave world wide by Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna and more. Next in the You & Eye boutique line-up is Victoria Beckham, which doesn't need introducing being know for her impeccable sense of style and great designs. More brands are the californian-style "Oliver peoples", the London originated "Linda Farrow" brand, Marni, Chanel, Starck and others.

After this great list you think it was easy picking just one pair? But I had to, so I chose the Red velvet rimmed Italia Independent that you can see in one of the photos, and probably will see in future posts :-) All I can say is, If you want to be unique, go visit the You&Eye boutique in one of their beautiful stores (you can find a full list of stores on their website -







Photography By me and Asia (Thanks babe It was so much fun hanging out with you!)

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Fashion Bloggers for DM & Mellisa


Hello my dears! I know I've been MIA for the past two weeks or so, but the national security situation here in Israel had me running for cover at my parents house and I've been there ever since, with no internet connection and frankly no mood whatsoever... But I'll save this story for a different time and a different post, even though I'm hopeful that this will all be over soon. Right now I would like to take my mind of it and focus on some fun times!

These pictures were taken a while back, as part of a fashion bloggers production for DM and mellisa. It all started when my blogger friend and amazing fashion producer Michal Portman, called me and asked if I would like to be a part of 5 selected bloggers for this project. Well of course I said yes, because I know that anything that Michal is involved in is always so creative, amazing and fun. The idea was to introduce to you all (my readers) the wonders of low-cost southern brand - DM (Duty-Moti), and show you how anyone with a budget can dress and shop as if you are limitless. So we got to the DM store in Ashdod (DM currently has 5 stores - 2 in Eilat, 2 in Ashkelon including an outlet store and 1 in Ashdod), and started to shop our hearts out! I have to be honest, I was a bit sceptic about this at first, I wasn't sure I will find items to match my style or even relate to anything they have there - But I was wrong! As I started to walk around the store I found myself piling more and more items until I had a big, heavy mountain of cloths with me in the dressing room! I ended up with this floral playsuit (pictured) and a skirt (that you will see in future posts) that became a favorite of mine so fast! And of course a great top, bag and much much more (when you'll see the prices you'll understand..). The day of the shoot I met with all the other bloggers and friends - Michal, Vered, Asia and Megane, at the beautiful Sarona venue in Tel-Aviv for a great morning of photo-shoot and lots of laughter (and a little crying on my part - I'm so touchy about my hair so don't mess with it!... LOL :-) ). Anyway I'm happy with the results, we accessorized with shoes and bags from Mellisa for Story which gave the whole look a great step-up, to my floral number, I added bold accessories with a lot of color and nude flats, to really make it a fun summer look that is easy but high-fashion. what do you think about this production? and about my look?? make sure to watch the behind the scenes video :-)



Thanks to everyone who were involved in this project:

Photographer - Amir Tzuk

Video and video editing - Or Kaplan

Odeya kofler - DM stylist

Mellisa for Story

Beauty City Tokyo by Super-Pharm


The Beauty City by Super-Pharm event is a long time tradition now - The biggest beauty event of the year. Since last year, the organizers have decided to give the event a face lift, by creating a different city theme each year. Last year it was Paris and this year it was dedicated to the great Tokyo with it's geisha and harajuko girls inspired beauty and style culture. It was a great night, the show was cool and fun, and I got to see all my blogger friends in one place some of them you can see in the video below - Roni, Vered and Moran.  I tried my best to match the theme with my Japanese inspired print on this maxi dress so what do you think about my look?

Have fun watching this short video about that great night:

YouTube Preview Image







Video editing by Nir John Berger for

Thanks to the lovely Roni for my pictures!

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* Dress - Bershka * Belt - Castro * Clutch - Laster fine bags and more * Nail Polish - Essie "Sunday Funday" *

The Beatles Greatest Hits


I'm a huge pop trash music lover, everything with a bubble-gum beat and a pretty Disney club graduate (shout-out to Britney, Selena, Miley and JT!) makes me wanna move and shake, and it's pretty obvious to everyone that meets me. But the thing that is not well known, is that as far as music goes I'm open to pretty much everything - Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Metal, alternative rock and even classic music. When I was in high-school my boyfriend back then had a real thing for the Beatles and soon I caught the bug too. To this day I can sing by heart their greatest hits (and some that are not) :) So when I saw this Beatles top at Forever 21 I could not resist and had to buy it, Paired with my first pair of boyfriend jeans by RockGlam and the coolest fringe bag from H&M - I think I'm ready to go to a rock concert! :)
















Photography by Itai Or for

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* Top - Forever 21 * Jeans - RockGlam * Bag - H&M * Shoes - Zara * Sunglasses - Carolina Lemke * Nail polish - Pupa *

Oopsie Daisey


I remember being about fourteen and begging my parents for a Baby-G watch in (what else) Baby blue, everybody had them and they came in pretty colors and if you had them then you had style (among junior-high students :-) ). Well of course I got one and it stayed with me through high school. Eventually I had to let it go (growing up and stuff...) but I never forgot about it! G-Shock and Baby-G are brands by CASIO and are known to have the reliability of the casio watches, and a tough design for the urban soul. They are usually favorited by army men and extreme sports fans, but with some of the new designs everyone can find a match for themselves - After seeing the new collection by G-Shock and Baby-G I had to get a new one for myself, this time in white with the prettiest pink and silver interior design (you can see on my wrist in the pics) - smooth and sleek on the inside, tough on the outside! As for my outfit that I wore to the presentation- I'm all about yellow this season but I can't have it too much, so daisies are a perfect way to incorporate a little yellow in a very subtle way, and to match my sequin daisy top I had the chance to wear my daisy crown, a little lemon twist to complete this look and I'm good to go :-) What do you think about my look and choice of watch?



















Photography by Itai Or for

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* Top - TwentyFourSeven * Jeans - Adika * Shoes - Zara * Bag - Accessorize * Daisy Crown - H&M * Bracelets - Mango * Watch - Baby-G * Nail Polish - Pupa *