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Birthday Party


My 29th birthday, celebrated at one of my favorite places "Vicky cristina" at sunset with my wonderful friends last week. Thanks to all these wonderful people for an unforgettable night, I feel so lucky to be surrounded by friends like this.
For you who are also a part of my life, maybe virtually but this doesn’t make it less important, here is a recap in photos of the night :)
A particular thanks to Noa for the photos, and to Lena for organizing this! I had the best night ever, and to top it off, the next morning I received a great present from my bff Itai , a video for my birthday! you can watch it here:

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Photography by Noa Zvi for

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* Dress - Topshop (was a playsuit that I made into a dress) * Shoes - Stradivarius * Flower crown - H&M *

Birthday Girl


Just a quick post and photoshoot for my birthday! #September6

These photos were taken against my new painted wall in my soon to be new home (hopefully I will finish setting up soon!). I wanted to keep it simple , with minimum accessories - the flower crown + balloons are the only accessories you need on your B-day don't you think?  And besides, I wanted to give this amazing skirt all the attention, I've been eyeing it on the Rockglam online shop for a long time, and now it's finally mine and just in time for my celebration! I'm gonna wear it tonight for my B-day party with all my friends and loved ones :-)

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes on my Instagram and Facebook, means the world to me! Hope you have a great Saturday, I'm off to rest for a bit before I start to get ready! Kisses!






Phtography by Noa Zvi for

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* Skirt - Rockglam * Top - American apparel * Flower crown - H&M *

H&M Studio A/W 14

H&M Studio aw14 צילום הנס מוריץ (5)

Hey everyone! I've been so MIA lately from the blog and I apologise for that but I have sooo much going on right now that it's crazy! I'm pretty swamped at work, and I am moving to a new place so I'm constantly there, decorating, painting and other stuff, and of course packing my old apartment, which is not fun at all! But you can always catch up with me on my Instagram for all my daily updates, and if you have been doing that already then you know that before all the craziness began, just a week or so ago I had the chance of visiting the H&M PR offices for the famous H&M Studio A/W 14 collection presentation.

The collection as expected is Amazing! beautiful pieces in velvet, sequins, leather, faux fur and sheer prints... all my favourite elements mixed into one perfect collection - so good! According to the head of design department it's all about feminine items with a sophisticated fun look, and I couldn't agree more, it all looks and feels so cozy that I can't wait for winter so I could wrap myself up in one of those big faux fur coats!

Don't forget the collection hits stores worldwide tomorrow - september 4th!! In Israel - Only at the Azriely store! Happy shopping! Now I have to get back to work, and soon I'll be headed out to Ikea to get some necessities for my new place :-)

H&M Studio aw14 צילום הנס מוריץ (2)

H&M Studio aw14 צילום הנס מוריץ (1)

H&M Studio aw14 צילום הנס מוריץ (3)

H&M Studio aw14 צילום הנס מוריץ (4) (1)

Photos by H&M PR

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New In


Hey lovelies! Just wanted to share a few new items that I got for myself this week. It was the Jewish love holiday for us on Monday, so what better time it is to splurge on something shiney for my neck and something pink for my lips??


This amazing necklace is from the new Stardusk collection by Magnolia. It is made for the fashionable women, the kind of woman who has so much style that she leaves a trail of stardust behind her as she passes by... And the collection is just that - like a trail of stardust, made of beautiful sheer, colored and black zircons, and you can also find pieces made with sheer and colored swarovski stones - so good!! I gifted one of these pretty pieces to my best friend who is about to get married - perfect with her wedding gown! prices range from 93-729 NIS and you can find them at any one of Magnolia chain stores.


And with a pretty neck you need the perfect pout! I'm not a big fan of lipsticks, it's too high-maintenance for me so I tend to go bare-lipped most of the time and occasionaly enjoy a bold red or hot pink lips. But this new balm stain by REVLON is the perfect in-between solution for me! It's not too heavy, lasts up to 3 hours, it has a light gel formula and a minty scent! Also, it comes in a no-brainer, no-fuss, no-sharpening pencil shape that makes it easy to apply correctly and in 8 pretty kissable colors. Perfect isn't it? :-)

Hope you had a good love holiday and that you spent it with someone you care about! kisses!

xoxo, Chen

You & Eye – We Are Unique


UNIQUE (yoo - neek). adj: being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual, or special in some way.

I relate to this definition very much, In a world where you can find a girl (or a boy..) walking down the street in the same shirt/skirt/bag like you, it is so important to have a unique attitude and vibe, and a lot of attention to details. This is why when I was invited to the You & Eye Eye-wear boutique last month I was immediately in love with the store and all of their models (seriously, I wanted everything for myself!). And this is no surprise as they are carrying all of the most unique exclusively imported brands you can think of - Italia Independent, the young, modern hip brand from Italy famous for its unique materials and innovative designs, which recently did a collaboration with one of the most famous fashion bloggers - chiara ferragni. Next up you have Anna Karin Karlsson collection which is known to be a work of art with very unique and fashionable frames. The known Parisian fashion designer Thierry Lasry, he's models are vintage in spirit but have a modern and avant-guard twist, and are a celebrity fave world wide by Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna and more. Next in the You & Eye boutique line-up is Victoria Beckham, which doesn't need introducing being know for her impeccable sense of style and great designs. More brands are the californian-style "Oliver peoples", the London originated "Linda Farrow" brand, Marni, Chanel, Starck and others.

After this great list you think it was easy picking just one pair? But I had to, so I chose the Red velvet rimmed Italia Independent that you can see in one of the photos, and probably will see in future posts :-) All I can say is, If you want to be unique, go visit the You&Eye boutique in one of their beautiful stores (you can find a full list of stores on their website -







Photography By me and Asia (Thanks babe It was so much fun hanging out with you!)

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