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#StreetChicGeekInTheDesert Day 2


Another day in the desert another outfit from Laster online shopping store (I told you I went a little crazy while shopping on their site!). This time it was a dotted red-pink flow-y skirt and stripped denim with baby pink flamingos crop top that stole my heart. The combination of the dots and stripes is what makes this outfit interesting and the colors makes it sweet and summery in my opinion, so naturally I had to wear my cut-out boots to give it some balance, and with the straw clutch bag which I already said everything that I could about it - it was a perfect outfit for day 2 in the desert, and for the stunning background of all the salt that surrounded us - you thought it was snow right?? :-) And of course I got myself all covered in salt in all kinds of places!!

And now for the good news - You too can go on a shopping craze on Laster fine bags & more online shopping store! All you have to do is register on the website, shop, and when you go to the check-out use the code - CHIC7 and get another 7% off the price in addition to the fact that right now they are having a sale of almost everything in 70% off! Now that's what I call good news to start the weekend with! :-)

IMG_1748 IMG_1759 IMG_1766 IMG_1777 IMG_1732 IMG_1744 IMG_1736 IMG_1760 IMG_1737 IMG_1772 IMG_1787

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Total look by Laster fine bags & more

* Shoes - Miss Selfridge * Sunglasses - Carolina Lemke *

Do Eco Chic


Here is for you a special Eco-Chic photo-shoot: The car is an environment friendly car the Honda Jazz Hybrid which runs part on gas and part on electricity that I had the chance of driving lately and really enjoyed it, and the  dress is by H&M from their new conscious exclusive line that was out last week and had so many great and beautiful pieces it was so hard to choose! Eventually I fell in love with this AMAZING dress that not only made me feel like a princess but the kind of princess that saves the planet :-) And last words - I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck :-) And you? Happy holidays everyone!!!

EcoChic7 EcoChic2 EcoChic6 EcoChic13 EcoChic EcoChic8 EcoChic14 EcoChic3 EcoChic11 EcoChic5 EcoChic12 EcoChic9

Photography by Itai Or for

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* Dress - H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection * Flower crown - H&M * 

#StreetChicGeekInTheDesert At Night


It's hard to believe that I could even stand up when these photos were shot, It was at 2 am in the morning, and I have been awake since 5 am of the previous day! But I felt so energized that I didn't even notice the time... The first day of the trip was a full one, after the five hours drive (it usually takes less time, but we made multiple stops along the way), we got to the famous Coral reef in the dead sea for snorkelling. It was a big challenge for me to snorkel, not only that it was my first time doing it, but I'm also very claustrophobic so It is hard for me to put on any kind of mask, and my gag reflex is the worst, so putting the snorkel in my mouth was probably the hardest part of it all! But one of my personal goals for this year is to try new and exciting things even if it scares me, and so I have made up my mind that I was going to do this no matter what! So I did, and it was AMAZING! All of the beautiful corals, and the hundreds of fishes underwater was colourful and beautiful it took my breath away (literately haha!) I could stay down there forever, but we did this for almost three hours.. It was a magical experience and I hope to do it again really soon.

After a light dinner we went out for drinks, and this was my outfit of choice, that I've of course ordered from Laster fine bags & more online shopping store - The light floral jacket was so soft and gave the leather shorts a little feminine touch, it was also the perfect cover-up against the desert wind at night, and the straw clutch bag that I have fallen in love with and was my companion for all the trip, because the clutch bag was so good at keeping everything I needed at hand and still was small and chic enough for day or night activities. What do you think of this look for a night out on vacation?

Eilat20 Eilat15 Eilat19 Eilat16 Eilat17 Eilat13 Eilat18 Eilat21


Total look by Laster fine bags & more

 * shoes - Zara * Bracelets - Mango *

#StreetChicGeekInTheDesert Day 1


So I went on a little road trip last weekend and it was the most perfect thing for me at this time. The long drive and the desert scenery always relaxes me, you almost feel alone in the world (until another car shows up..). It was really all about relaxing, having fun and re-energizing my body and soul. We stopped in the middle of the road to take pictures, which I have never done before - and we almost caused three cars to crash because they actually thought I was trying to catch a ride! It was super funny for me but I don't think they found it amusing at all.... It was a long time since I drove to Eilat by car.. for many years I used to take a plane to get there.. but in the past couple of years I started taking the long way by car and realised I loved it more, mainly because I adore long drives but also because if you do that with friends or a loved one, it's the best quality time EVER, no laptop, TV or even cell reception (at times..) to get in the way of this wonderful time together.

Just before the trip I made a huge order of clothes and bags from what has become one of my fave online shopping sites (and as you know I have just recently discovered online shopping!) - Laster fine bags & more . Actually I have known the Laster brand for quit a while thanks to a great bag that I own from them (three years and counting!), but only now have I discovered that they have a fashion website for shopping! Well I really went all out and ordered like a crazy shopaholic but I couldn't help myself - it was all almost 70% off, what would you do?? So, my order arrived the day before, and it made my packing a whole lot easier - just put everything in the straw carrying bag I ordered and I'm done! :-) For the road I wore dotted shorts and a printed tee with a clutch bag and a straw hat, all by Laster, comfortable and stylish. What do you think of my desert look?

Eilat12 Eilat6 Eilat10 Eilat4 Eilat8 Eilat Eilat9 Eilat3 Eilat7 Eilat5 Eilat11

Total Look by Laster fine bags & more

At The #TommyHilfigerSarona Store Opening


And here is for you the second post today about the second event I attended last Wednesday - The Tommy Hilfiger Store opening at the Sarona complex in Tel-Aviv. When I was about 14, my parents got me Tommy Hilfiger jeans when they came back from a trip abroad, I thought they were the coolest thing that ever existed and I didn't let go of them even after I have outgrown them.. Looking around the store I realised that is the magic of the Tommy Hilfiger design, it's a classic. Never gets old, never goes out of style, always chic. The store has the signature Hilfiger design all over it, it's about 725 sq. in size, and has 3 floors - 1st floor offers all men, the casual Menswear, Tailored and of course shoes & accessories for men. 2nd floor is for women, which will consist of the casual line Womenswear, and will also carry the runway collection, and kids collection. 3rd floor is a showroom for buyers. It was a great night, the store was packed with people and everyone seemed to have a good time. but the main event was still to come - the appearance of non other than Tommy Hilfiger himself! It was such a wonderful experience to meet him in person, he was very nice to everyone he met, greeted everybody that came across him and was just flashing his famous smile all around. Right after him, came model Bar Refaeli and she looked stunning as always, you really can't take your eyes off of her, it's amazing! After all of that excitement it was time to go home and give a good end to this great night.

What about my outfit? It was a dress by Adika that I bought some weeks ago with absolutely no purpose, and it was in my opinion perfect for a night like this - two events, one perfect dress to match! :-) And of course the IT bag of the moment by TwentyFourSeven with the LIPS trend that has become so big lately and I couldn't stop obsessing over it that I had to match my lips to it also :-) What do you think of this look?

Tommy Tommy2 Tommy3 Tommy4 Tommy5 Tommy6

Thanks to Roni from "Pink With Style" for my photos!

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* Dress - Adika * Shoes - Zara * Bag - TwentyFourSeven *