It’s A Cruel Summer

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Well summer paid us a visit for the weekend but now it’s gone with the wind (err.. rain). But it wasn’t a complete waste since i managed to squeeze in summer activities as much as possible (more photos to come!). So 1st thing on my agenda? Ice cream run with Ohad! And it was sooo hot outside that i had to eat it really fast or it would have melt (which it did, all over my shoes!). How was your summer-like weekend? Hope you had a great one!







Photography by Ohad Zadok for

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

* Dress – Castro * Jacket – Bershka * Shoes – Bershka * Bag – Laster * Sunglasses –  Ray-Ban * Bracelets – Castro, Ravid Weksler Gross * Nail Polish – Essie “Sexy Divide” *

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