My 2nd Tattoo Experience

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A week and a half or so ago I got my second tattoo on my right wrist as you can see in these photos I got my wrist in a bandage because we shot it immediately after :-) ย As oppose to my first one, this tattoo was somewhat bigger and it hurt a lot more during it’s healing process, but there’s truth in saying you get addicted to getting inked.. I doubt this will be my last one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Over all I’m happy with the result, and you will get the chance to see it in the upcoming posts (and until eternity!). BTW – ย My shirt reveals my next travel destination, can you guess where I’m headed? :-) And in case you missed my tattoo video, make sure to follow me on Instagram and LIKE my page on Facebook for live updates!

Tattoo4 Tattoo8 Tattoo Tattoo2 Tattoo3 Tattoo7 Tattoo5 Tattoo9 Tattoo11 Tattoo10 Tattoo12

Photography by Noa Zvi for

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

* Faux Leather Vest – Mango * Top – Studio Pasha * Shorts – TwentyFourSeven * Shoes – Jessica Simpson * Hat – Adika * ย  ย Sunglasses – Carolina Lemke * Bag – Aldo * Bracelet – Mango *

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