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I’ve gone on the online shopping trend a little late. A little too late. Almost out of style late. I can sit here writing on and on about the technical issues that prevented me from buying online, but the bottom line is – I finally did it! And it was great! I recently discovered an Israeli shopping site called “Adika“, they import all sorts of cool items ranging from clothing to accessories and shoes, the prices are reasonable and the service is amazing (which is basically the most important thing when you buy online). So I made my 1st purchase – “Mustang” top & skirt in navy which you can see in these photos. I have to say, it got me a little addicted… But I can stop whenever I want too! [ Famous last words.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ].

Adika Adika6 Adika3 Adika8 Adika4 Adika7 Adika11 Adika9 Adika10

Photography by Itai Or for

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

* Top & Skirt – Adika * Shoes – Adidas * Bag – Aldo * Sunglasses – Carolina Lemke * Necklace – Mango * Bracelets – Accessorize * Rings – Trendy’s *

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