Twirl worthy

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I got this dress off the new Mango collection and didn’t think I could wear it more then twice before it starts to get cold and winter-y around here. But looking at these photos now I’m thinking I could easily take it into the colder weather with a big chunky knit cardigan and some cool booties.. don’t you think? When we shot these photos there was a lot of wind and my skirt kept flying way up and got me worried that my butt is gonna expose itself to the world (!!) but then I got into the mood of things and started twirling around and.. well you can see the results for yourself :-) Have a great Wednesday.. It’s almost the weekend!

mangodress2 mangodress8 mangodress3 mangodress4 mangodress9 mangodress5 mangodress11 mangodress6 mangodress7 mangodress10

Photography by Itai Or for

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

* Dress – Mango * Belt – Mango * Shoes – Zara * Bag – Laster * Watch – Citizen * Bracelets – Accessorize, Castro * Necklaces – Ravid Weksler Gross *

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