Fast Food Cravings

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The past week has been crazy and hectic at work so I barely had time for anyhting, but Thursday was the height of it because it was so busy I didn’t even had time for lunch, or any kind of food intake whatsoever for that metter! So needless to say, by the end of the day I was shaking with hunger and in need of food and fast, or in my case – fast food :-). As I mentioned in the past, I would really like to try and have a healthier diet but with my crazy schedual I’m no stranger to days like this, when I get to eat my lunch around dinner time, so by that time I’m ready to eat whatever comes my way and it’s usually also guided by my cravings so fast food wins – Pizza and burger & fries are my go-to when I’m REALLY hungry :-). And to end on a happy note, I recently got these New Balance sneackers and they worked so well with my outfit that I think I’m starting a new obssession for runing shoes! minus the actual runing of cours ๐Ÿ˜‰

PizzaNight PizzaNight3 PizzaNight4 PizzaNight11 PizzaNight9 PizzaNight5 PizzaNight10 PizzaNight6 PizzaNight8

Photography by Itai Or for

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xoxo, Chen

* Bomber Jacket – H&M * Shirt – Zara * Skirt – TwentyFourSeven * Shoes – New Balance * Bracelets – Mango, Accessorize * Rings – TwentyFourSeven, Accessorize, Trendy’s * Nail Polish – Essie ” Chinchilly” *

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