White Out

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Yesterday I had my temporary hair extensions that I wore for the Zap Mitchatnim shoot removed. It was a lot of fun for me to walk around with really long hair for a day but I was happy to get back to my natural hair length as it was pretty difficult to handle and maintain! And as I was settling back into my daily routine, the weather we have here for the past couple of days is so weird it’s hard to choose what to wear, so I decided white is always good, and because I never know if it’s going to be a hot or cold day I wore this beautiful chunky flower lace sweatshirt by Lucky People which has long sleeves but is also very airy so it’s perfect. I’m a big fan of big comfy sweatshirts for Fall and Winter, but I like it to always be interesting and have some sort of uniqueness, and this sweatshirt definitely has it, don’t you think? And what do I do when it’s hot (and even when it’s not..)? I go out for Ice – cream! My fave  Ice cream place is IceBerg, I just love every taste and especially their huge macaroons! So that was my Monday, hope you’re all having a great week so far!

IceCream IceCream3 IceCream4 IceCream2 IceCream5 IceCream7 IceCream10 IceCream9 IceCream8

Photography by Itai Or for streetchicgeek.com

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

* Sweatshirt – Lucky People * Pants – American Eagle * Booties – Miss Selfridge * Bag – Accessorize * Sunglasses – Carolina Lemke * Watch – Casio * Bracelet – Accessorize * Rings – Adika *


  1. yarden

    March 4, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    אני זקוקה לנעליים האלה!!! אין לך מושג כמה אני מחפשת משהו כזה.
    ואת משגעת כהרגלך.


    • Chen Bens

      April 1, 2014 at 5:44 pm

      תודה מהממת! כן הנעליים האלה בהחלט חרושות אצלי ועדיין לא שבעתי!

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