Gindi Fashionweek Tel-Aviv: Day 2 + Day 3

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My second and third days of Tel Aviv fashion week were much less hectic then my first one, but still a lot of fun. But let’s go with order and let’s talk about Tuesday, the second day of Gindi Fashionweek: I met up with some new blogger friends I have known only through Instagram and it was so nice to meet them in person and have the chance to talk to them and watch the show together. I wore a dress from the Castro runway show which I fell in love with immediately but never had a chance to wear it before and gave red accents on my lips and my bag to emphasis the details on the dress, my beloved fur vest from Mango, and for the shoes I was inspired by Chanel’s trend of heels with socks. For the second day I attended the Shai Shalom Fashionshow which I really enjoyed, on the runway I saw the most eye catching mixture of rich colors, and interesting designs with beautiful patterns, the one’s that caught my eyes the most were the maxi coats which were beautifully detailed and glamorous.

ערוך2 ערוך3 שי שלום עם לוגו שי שלום

On my third and last day of Tel Aviv fashionweek, I opted for a sportier look, taking a cue from the latest trend, and mixing overall with a varsity jacket. To make the look a little more evening appropriate I mixed in my fave sequin clutch, and a maxi fibreglass necklace for a pop of color. My hair was done by my hair stylist Igal Gabay, we wanted the ponytail to match my sporty look but at times it gave me a “genie in a bottle” feeling :-) either way I loved the result! For make up I did a lot of pink on my lips and eyes to match the necklace, What do you think of my look?

The fashion show I attended on this day (and my last show for this fashion week!) was of Gideon Oberson & Karen Oberson. It was beach wear mixed with street wear and even evening gowns. The main color palate was of red, green and yellow which wasn’t to my liking but the designs and silhouettes were great and flow-y and gave me a craving for hot weather and ice-cream! I saw the most beautiful sheer trench coat that I loved and of course the heels with socks trend :-)

That concluded Tel Aviv Gindi fashion week for me. I had lots of fun and great moments, I was tired and exhausted, I was thankful for all the blessings and for the people that without them I wouldn’t have survived this week, but mostly I felt happy to take part in such a major fashion event!

ערוך2 ערוך גדעון עם לוגו יום  עם לוגו3

Photography by Itai Or for

Runway photography by me :-)

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Chen

Second day outfit : * Dress – Castro * Vest – Mango * Bag – Aldo * Shoes – TwentyFourSeven *

Third day outfit : * Overall – Zara * Jacket – H&M * Bag – Topshop * Shoes – Zara * Necklace – TwentyFourseven *


  1. asiachic

    March 27, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    מהממת!!! האוטפייטים הורסים!!!!!
    איזה כייף שראיתי אחד מהם בלייב
    את הורסת!

    • Chen Bens

      April 1, 2014 at 5:27 pm

      תודה רבה בובה!!! מחכה כבר לראות אותך שוב!

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